Angel Tree Donations


1. Sponsor-a-Child, Crossroads Child Development Center (CDC) India
Provide a $180 one time gift or $15 per month

2. Support a Local Family in Need
Purchase a $50 Walmart gift card

3. Love on a Child With a Parent in Prison
Provide a small gift up to $20

Here's How It Works... Go to the Angel Tree in the Gathering Place. Choose the angel that reflects the way you wish to participate. Leave you name, contact information, and the way you will participate with the volunteer at the Angel Tree. Payment for the CDC can be made immediately, within a few weeks, or monthly payable to Crossroads. Gift cards and gifts can be dropped off with an Angel Tree volunteer or delivered to the church office. Gifts need to be collected by December 10.

Everyone can do something! Join us as we bless others this Christmas.