Alter Ego

All About You (September 10, 2014)

Everyone loves a superhero. Superman. Wonder Woman. Iron Man. They swoop in and fight the bad guys, save the day, and somehow make their spandex suit look cool all at the same time. But chances are, if we ran into one of them on the street, we wouldn't recognize them. Because almost all superheroes have another side: their mild, unassuming, simply-not-as-awesome alter ego. Their real, every-day life identity is rarely as impressive. In that way, we all have something in common with superheroes. There's a public side of us. A super identity that most of the world gets to see. We're funny. We have friends. We're confident. But deep in our hearts we know there's an alter ego: a less than super side we'd rather hide away. As we take a closer look at three habits that often bury themselves in our alter egos, we find that God has something to say about each one that can free us from living a double-life.

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