Baby Bottle (September 24, 2014)

Bottom Line: Find a way to feed yourself.

Have you every taken care of a baby? It isn’t easy. They constantly need your help. They need to be fed, changed, carried, and fed again. Eventually babies grow up and learn to feed and care for themselves. It’s a natural process, and it’d be weird if they didn’t! The truth is, we’re all growing up in different ways, and our lives aren’t maturing and growing at the same rate. One area where we tend to stay immature is our faith. We depend on our pastors, our small group leaders, and our parents to spiritually “feed us” or tell us what God’s word says, what to think, and what to believe. But we were never meant to be infants forever. In the a letter written to the Hebrew Christians, we find that God’s desire is for us to grow up and be healthy spiritually as much as physically. And the only way for us to do that is to find a way to feed ourselves.

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