Catching Fire

Controlled Burn (October 22, 2014)

Bottom Line: When you forgive, it helps you live.

Many of us know the power of words all too well. Words someone said (or didn’t say) to us have left us angry and bitter and our hearts are still a little charred. Sure, it’s important to be careful with the words you control, but what do you do when you’re the one who has been hurt? The Apostle Paul knew that part of having relationships with others is the possibility of getting burned. In his letter to the church as Ephesus, he reminds us that there is only one way to move past hurt and begin to really live. It won’t come naturally, but if we’re willing to do the hard work of forgiving, we just may find that we’re healthier and happier, after the fire, than we ever were before.

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Bottom Line: Words have the force to set your life on a course.