Catching Fire

Out of Control (October 8, 2014)

Bottom Line: Words have the force to set your life on a course.

Have you ever seen a fire get out of control? It can be really scary. One minute you’re enjoying the smell of a candle. The next, you’re watching flames climb the drapes. One second you’re lighting a tiny campfire in your backyard. The next, you’re explaining to your dad why all the grass is gone. While the initial spark always seems small and weak, a careless mishap can catch fire and spread faster than we ever imagined. In the New Testament, James, Jesus’ brother, teaches that our conversations work the same way. Words that seem minor and insignificant to us can spread like wildfire, doing more damage than we ever intended and taking our lives in a direction we never meant to go. But James gives us insight on how to take control of the words we speak and determine whether we use our speech to cause harm or to do good.

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