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Be Something (November 12, 2014)

Bottom Line: Being kind is a state of mind.

Have you noticed that there are a million shows on right now that have a group of people called "judges"? Whether its singing, dancing, or baking cupcakes, all of these shows have judges that watch the contestants' every move. They evaluate, score, and criticize - as the entire world watches. Being a student can be brutal in the same way -- you are surrounded by judges who constantly decide where you fit in the social system. It feels like everything you do or say or wear can affect your social ranking. Even being nice to someone of a different status is a huge risk. In one of his most famous parables, Jesus told a story that isn't all that different. In a world of strict social categories, a man of lower status sees a man of higher status in need. And what he does demonstrates exactly what it means to go all in when faced with a risky social situation.

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