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Do Something (November 5, 2014)

Bottom Line: Courageous > Comfortable

Humans love to be comfortable. It's why we invented air conditioners, sweat pants, and Snuggies. The problem is that sometimes our love of comfort hold us back from doing really great things. It's why many of us are tempted to shy away from the idea of serving other. Serving can mean getting up early, giving up weekends, working really hard, and being around people you might otherwise avoid. It's naturally uncomfortable. And yet, people who serve seem to find it worth the risk every time. How is that possible? Jesus made it clear that people who serve, even in small ways, are a big deal to God. He even went as far as to say that serving another person is the same as serving Him. While His words won't protect our comfort, they may just lead us toward something even better, something that will push us forward instead of holding us back -- courage.

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