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Give Something (October 29, 2014)

Bottom Line: You have the power to serve in a powerful way.

Let's be honest, the subject of giving to help others makes us all a little nervous. It's not that we don't want to help others or give to the needy. It's just that most of us feel like we don't have much to offer. Maybe you have an allowance or a part-time job, but that doesn't mean you're exactly rolling in the dough. What can your two or five or even ten bucks do to help someone, really? As a student, it's easy to feel powerless when it comes to giving and serving others. But what if that isn't true? What if we have more power to help others than we realize? What if giving isn't as complicated as we make it? The book of Proverbs teaches that we all have the power to give. And by doing os, we may get more in return than we ever imagined.

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