Out of Focus

Am I Crazy? (May 6, 2015)

There's something awesome about a 3D movie. It takes the whole movie experience to a new level. But have you ever taken the glasses off in the middle of the movie just to see what it looks like? If so, you know seeing things through the wrong sense can ruin the whole movie. The action gets blurred. Nothing is clear, and pretty quickly you can end up confused and with a headache. Sometimes reading the Bible can feel like watching a 3D movie without glasses. There's a lot going on. Sometimes it's confusing. Sometimes it's hard to know what to focus on. To make matters worse, lots o people seem to have different opinions about what the Bible says and what it means. But that doesn't mean our only option is to walk away confused. Just like a 3D movie, sometimes all it takes is a different sense, a new perspective, to bring the most important things into focus.