Big Moments (June 3, 2015)

Bottom Line: In tough times, God works in you so that He can work through you

Nobody wants to experience tough times. We don’t hope for them and we sure don’t sign up for them, but difficult circumstances happen to everyone. Maybe for you it was the death of a family member. Or maybe it was a divorce. Maybe your toughest moments came in the form of a rejection letter or some bad results from a doctor. No matter what the cause, two things are true about our most difficult situations: They have the power to cause us great pain and they have the power to propel our faith like nothing else. Through the story of one of Jesus’ close friends, Lazarus, we find that when tough times hit, it can stretch the faith of anyone, even those who know Jesus the best. But if we’re willing to stay close to Him we may just find that we can emerge on the other side of the storm with a faith that is even stronger than before and an opportunity to help others do the same.

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