Big Serve (May 27, 2015)

Bottom Line: There’s a direct connection between growing and serving.

These days it seems like there are causes everywhere. Feed the hungry. Save the animals. Help the homeless. Sometimes every other commercial points to another group that’s in need. And it’s not just big causes. Your school has a coat drive. Your church nursery needs volunteers. Your little brother needs help with his homework. There are a lot of needs out there, and that can make the idea of serving feel overwhelming. What are you supposed to do? Even if you gave all your money and all your time, would it make a dent? In the New Testament, Jesus’ disciples were found themselves with a similar dilemma. Faced with a huge crowd in need of food, and very little resources to give, making a difference seemed impossible. But what we learn from their story may just give us the courage to serve anyway. Because when we bring what we have, God has the opportunity to show up a way that can propel our faith in a way we never would have anticipated.

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