The Cookie Jar (August 5, 2015)

Have you ever been tempted to pull a fire alarm—not because something was on fire but just because you knew you weren’t supposed to? Or what about speeding? Do you tend to creep over the speed limit even when you aren’t in a hurry? Play games on your phone in class even when you know your grades are bad and you should pay attention? There is just something about breaking rules that feels irresistible. Even when it doesn’t benefit us at all, knowing something is off-limits makes it more appealing than ever. That’s why simply knowing we shouldn’t or telling ourselves “don’t do that” isn’t helpful when it comes to fighting temptation. But what other options do we have? In the New Testament, James doesn’t talk about temptation by simply telling us all the bad things we shouldn’t do. Instead, he gives us something else to focus on—a strategy that is less about avoiding bad things and more about embracing something better.

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