Bait & Switch (July 22, 2015)

Have you ever felt like you’ve been tricked? Maybe you got a sweet deal on designer sunglasses only to discover they were knockoffs. Maybe you clicked something online that seemed legit only to get a virus that won’t go away. Or maybe a friend begged you to loan them 20 bucks and magically “forgot” to pay you back. No matter what it was, it’s never fun to feel like you’ve been fooled. In the Bible, James, Jesus’ brother, says that temptation works the same way. It tricks us. It entices us by hiding the real danger behind lies and excuses that make it look harmless or even good for us. And that is how we get hooked. But James also reminds us that we have a choice. We can choose to recognize those lies, call them what they are, and look for the dangers hidden behind them. And when we do, we will find the strength to resist them and win the battle against temptation.

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