Alter Ego

Bad to the Bone (September 3, 2014)

Bottom Line: Shame holds you back. Jesus pulls you close.

Have you ever been so embarrassed you wanted to run and hide? Probably so. Those moments sneak up on all of us. Maybe you dropped your lunch in front of everyone at school or maybe you tripped on the bleachers at a game. For a moment, it felt awful, but it was temporary. The problem is many of us live with that feeling all the time. It isn't just because of a moment. It's because of who we are. We feel like we're not as smart, not as cool, or just not as good as those around us. That feeling is called shame, and just like embarrassment, shame makes us want to run away from everyone, including God. The question we have to ask is, What are going to do with our shame? Are we going to trust it? Hide behind it? ignore it? The writer of Hebrews tells us there is a better way. Because of what Jesus did, we aren't required to give in to shame's demands. And even when shame tells us to run and hide, Jesus tells us to run toward Him.

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