Done (September 28, 2016)

Many of us can relate to the problem of having too much to do. Between school, work, family, and friends, there always seems to be more on our list than we have time for. That’s why it can feel so discouraging to go to church and hear about how much more we should be doing in our relationship with God. Read the Bible. Serve in children’s ministry. Go on a mission’s trip. And do all of that while keeping a good attitude, giving regularly, and a whole list of other things. It’s exhausting. And it can leave us feeling discouraged and distant, like God is continually disappointed in us. But what if this was never how He intended for us to live? In a conversation with His followers, Jesus painted a very different picture. And what He says has the power to change the way we see our to-do list and bring us closer to Him in the process.

Bottom Line: God values your presence over your performance

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