Over Time

Fast. It's how our culture likes to do things. Because we lead such busy lives, we have become masters at finding the quickest way to accomplish nearly everything. This need for speed has lead us to some of the best inventions ever -- things like the drive through, the microwave, and movies on-demand. Unfortunately, it's the same desire for instant results that gave us some not-so-awesome inventions. Have you ever tried instant coffee or instant mashed potatoes? Not nearly as good as the real thing. The truth is, while fast is awesome, there are some things in life that just take time. Maybe that's why the Bible keeps mentioning this idea of sowing and reaping, or planting and waiting for something to grow. Because while our temptation will always be to look for a shortcut or to focus our attention somewhere that will give us faster results, we run the risk of missing out on some of the best things in life when we don't work on them over time.

Mind Games (June 8, 2016) Series Mind Games (June 8, 2016)

Bottom Line: Right Thinking = Right Living

Romans 12:2, Matthew 4:17