All In

Have you ever taken a big risk? I'm not talking about eating your mom's broccoli casserole after too many days in the fridge. I'm talking about something that could have only ended with a big win or a big disaster. Asking a girl to prom that has never talked to you. Pep-rally dance-off. Stealing second base in the last inning of the playoffs. If you've ever gone all in, taken a big risk, theres only one reason you did it. The payoff. For every risk, there's the promise of a reward. And if the reward is worth it, if it's enticing enough, you just might be willing to do things you might otherwise never consider. Do you know that serving the people around you can be risky? Not only is there no guarantee of being successful, of actually helping someone, but serving also means putting our comfort, our convenience, and our reputation on the line. On the other hand, closing not to serve others has risks as well. Not only could we miss out, but those around us may go without something that they really need. Either way, there's a lot on the line. So the question you have to ask is: Am I going to play it safe or am I going to go all in?

Be Something (November 12, 2014) Series Be Something (November 12, 2014)

Bottom Line: Being kind is a state of mind.

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Bottom Line: Courageous > Comfortable

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Bottom Line: You have the power to serve in a powerful way.

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