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Very Important People, yep, that’s YOU!  You are Crossroads’ “cream of the crop” because you get that little people matter to God.  You have said “yes” because you get that our job is not to merely babysit but to teach these littles to KNOW, GROW, and SHOW God’s love to the world around them.  This is best accomplished when we: Show up (on time I might add), come prepared, and give our kids our BEST!

I am so honored to serve alongside of you!  Below are several resources I’m certain you’ll find helpful as you serve Crossroads Kids!  And of course, call me, come see, or email me if there’s anything I can do to serve you better!

 VIP Huddles - the 1st & 2nd weeks of the month at 10:30!

First Look

First Look VIPS-

First Look MADE

Hello First Look VIPS! This month, we will begin laying the foundation for some very important future conversations around the subject of sexual integrity. Before we ever talk with kids and teens about what to do and not do with their bodies, we need to start with who made their body and why that makes them so valuable.

And a great place to start is now, in the preschool years, with this simple but powerful truth—God made me.

Like the colorful building blocks in our MADE theme art, we want to build the idea that we are all wonderfully made by God in the minds of our preschoolers. Watch this preview video as you prepare for MADE:
Watch this preview video:

2's & 3's





CKids VIPS - 


We were made in the image of God, to love God and love others in a unique way. As we learn about individuality, we’ll discover who we're meant to be. Be sure to watch this video in preparation for the month.

Watch this preview video:

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